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Products - Pro Nature ® V

Electrostatic Field Therapy

3 in 1 multifunctional high potential therapy
Heat Therapy
Optical Therapy
High Potential Therapy


The 3 Function Mechanism of PRO NATURE ® V

1.Heat Therapy
Stimuates and massages acupoints of the feet, unblock artery and promotes blood circulation to dispel blood stasis.
2.Optical Therapy
Use Optical Therapy for half an hour, it's like doing outdoor aerobic exercise for 3 hours continuously.
3.High Potential Therapy
Purify the blood, activate the cell, tone the autonomic nerves.


History of Electrostatic Field Therapy

The past 30 years have seen an amount of research in the relations between electricity, electromagnetic
fields and living organisms. Esteemed researchers and a multitude of respected scientists have shown that abnormal physiology is accompanied by abnormal electrical charge.  While in Western Medicine the concept of energy flow in the body has been largely forsaken, many healing traditions from around the world are based on the balance and flow of Qi.
The basic theory in these systems of healing is that illness is caused by an imbalance in the flow of energy in the body and that restoration of normal energy flow can help restore health. Our bodies are continually producing minute D.C. currents through both mechanical and chemical means. These currents follow the paths of least resistance which are in essence like an electric grid for the body. This is how for example the ECG is made possible.
One very significant effect of Electrostatic that it moves water. With our bodies being about 70% made out of water, anything that has a strong effect on water can profoundly influence the physiology.




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